By appointment


AVI only does upholstery by appointment. The options of textile, woodwork and other details will be discussed with you to ensure a stunning result. As a designer, I believe you need to feel the texture of the fabric to be able to make the perfect choice for your furniture, that's why I always bring a selection to choose from.



 Custom design


Every fabric is one of a kind, has limited availability and specific sizing which means that even though it is in stock, it might not be suitable for the piece of furniture to cover. In this case I’m sure we are able to find a perfect alternative from the AVI collection. All prices vary and depend on the complexity of the job and amount of fabric used.


 Perfect imperfections


All fabrics are hand dyed and made, it may have inconsistencies in color or pattern. Every piece is hand picked and checked by me personally, to reassure you any inconsistency is within acceptable parameters which makes any imperfection simply charming.


 Craftsmanship takes time


Please note that everything I design or co-create is done by hand so it may take some time before you have your beautiful furniture ready. How long depends on what you would like to have done. To discuss the possibilities for your piece of furniture, feel free to contact me.


Mudcloth - Yebo


Mudcloth - Yobuciko


Mudcloth - Ucezu


Mudcloth - Coffee Lodge


Mudcloth - Ipulazi


Mudcloth - Elula Zigzag


Mudcloth - Uhlobo


Mudcloth - Karibu


Mudcloth - Burkina


Mudcloth - Elula Black


Ashoke - Green & Silver


Ashoke - Beige


Ashoke - White & Beige


Ashoke - Beige & Gold


Ashoke - Pink & Green


Do you want to see and feel the fabrics in person, talk about a piece you’d like customized or have any other questions?
Please contact me